Div. 3A - 01/12/12

Quarryvale  2-4 St. Vincents DFC

Justin Smith
Ray Watson
Pat Maher
Jason Maguire

MoM : Roy Keating

A tough game in winter evening with 2 teams set to do battle.... Manager kept the team talk simple and straight to the point Teamwork and fight for each other.
The match kicked off with both teams not giving each other a minute on the ball with tackles flying in strongly but fairly.

The break came with some smart football from Keenan who found himself  free in the middle of the pitch played in Justin with a delightful ball with between the 2 Centre halves he took the shot which the keeper did well to save but ball bounced back to him which he took this chance to put it in. 1-0

With Confidence and more patience being displayed St. Vincents DFC started to find openings in the pitch and creating chances, the second finally followed when few players combined to release Pat Maher down the left dribbled his way into the box and from the acutest angle he slotted it in the near post.

Quarryvale did well to battle there way back into the game and started to press on but St. Vincents defence stood firm and in control. With Quarryvale pushing on a few gaps were left which we took advantage with a quick throw-in and knock on from Pat Maher released Ray Watson cutting in from the left no one could keep up and he powered his shot into back of the net

3-1. Quarryvale given a lifeline from a dubious free-kick they took quickly and the attacker left free flicked it in just right before half-time

2nd Half.
4-1. Another break away this time down the right with Ray who lobbed a cross the goal which the keeper couldn't deal with and dropped it right in front of Jason to roll into the net.

Quarryvale never gave and pressed hard with a few opportunities they were denied by the man of match Roy Keating who pulled off some world class saves which kept Quarryvale at bay.

4-2. They got a breakthrough with 5 mins to go from a set piece lobbed in and knocked back across goal to be put in. 

3 points taken and great victory which the manager pointed out it was due to teamwork and bravery which we need to carry through to our next game.

Sat 10/11/2012
Div 3A Saturday

St. Columbans SYC - 2
St. Vincents DFC - 0

Mom: John Smyth

Disappointing result to take but every player can take full responsibility of this defeat.

Team with once again with a lot of changes and re-organisation of players available. The team took to the field  looked not ready and unprepared even while the previous match delayed our kick off by half an hour. St. Columbans took advantage of this and with 2 errors made that they pounced on within first 25mins to take the lead.St. Vincents tried to re-group but still not at the races didnt hurt St. Columbans much of the 1st half.  

2nd Half started with tactical change and a substitution while playing 3 at the back and pushing more into midfield to take control of the game and dictate which they did leading to chance after chance being spurned. From great last ditch tackles and save from the keeper, St. Columbans camped in and just defended. St. Vincents while creating a lot of numerous clear-cut chances it did leave them open at the back which lead to few chances for St. Columbans which they also failed to take.

Overall a disappointing performance as letting in soft goals and failing to capitalise on the chances we had, which would have seen us walk away with the game easily.

A re-group and full 100% commitment is going to be needed if this club wants to achieve what they are capable of doing.

St. Vincents DFC 9/11/2012

Justin Smith - 5
Keenan Byrne - 3
Joey Watson - 3
Jason Maguire - 3
Pat Maher - 2
Damien Mc Mahon - 2
Ray Watson - 1
Ross Byrne - 1
Kevin Dudley - 1

AUL Div3a Sat, 3rd November 2012

St Vincent's DFC 3-1 Brookfield Celtic

Justin Smyth x 2
Ray Watson

In contrast to the previous week, this was a match decided solely by the performances of two sides- just as it should be in football. After finding ourselves at the hands of a gross act of discrimination last week, it put into perspective the value of a good and decent referee, one who makes honest decisions as he sees it and does so without any prejudice to either side. It is such a shame that such qualities in referees are criminally undervalued in this game; it is a tragedy that it has to take one appalling decision to prompt appreciation of the good ones-the ones who referee with impartiality, the ones who slip away after the final whistle without any recognition or credit for their performances, the ones who make decisions without outside influence. It is the nature of the game that their decisions will be contested but when the final whistle blows, a honest referee will always merit respect from true sportsmen who acknowledge the referee has to make judgements as he sees it and with that, there is nothing more that could be asked of him. These kind of referees are the saviour of the game. These referees need to appreciated more, to have their hand shook at the final whistle and to be made to feel it is their characteristics that cultivate and enrichen the beautiful game.

With 12 points from four wins and three losses in seven games, our league form suddenly had a look of vulnerability about it. It was obvious to all that we could ill afford to drop any more points if we wanted to continue to mount a challenge for promotion this season. However it looked we had do it the hard way after we got ourselves off to a terrible start, finding ourselves a goal down inside the ten minute mark after a penalty had been conceded by Ross Byrne. Picking ourselves up, we rolled up our sleeves in search for an equaliser. Fortunately it wasn't long coming with Justin Smyth getting on the scoresheet after being sent through by a wonderful pass by Ross who had amended for his earlier mistake. We pressed strongly for our second goal with our wingers putting in excellent work and once again the ball was put into the back of the net by Justin after he received yet another fantastic pass -this time from Damien McMahon who was seizing his opportunity to stake his claim for the right back berth with gist.

In spite of this spell, it would be misleading to say Brookfield were struggling to cope with our attacks- the visitors had glorious chances themselves but they must have cursed Roy Keating to no end as he frustrated them, pulling off magnificent saves time and time again. The immense value of a goalkeeper of Roy's stature was clear for all to see and on the basis of such a typical performance, it was evident that he would easily be considered to be among the best pick of goalkeepers in the AUL.

Continuing to be sidelined with an Achilles injury, manager Stuart Foy urged his players to step up their performance and improve their ball retention. Sending out his boys back onto the pitch after the half time break, he encouraged them to grab a handful of goals early into the 2nd half to kill the game off. We responded immediately by grabbing our third goal from the tip off after a threaded ball from Keenan Byrne found the menacing quick feet of Ray Watson who ghosted past two defenders to rifle the ball into the bottom corner.

However this was as good as it got as the rest of the second half proved to be an indifferent display of football, both sides with the occasional goal chance but neither really getting on top of the game to enjoy a spell of dominance. The spectators stood by the sideline, shivering in the cold as the game petered out to an unspectacular conclusion before them. While the quality of the performance was not much to write home about, the full time whistle brought relief and a reinvigorated sense of appreciation that instead of struggling to deal with the confusion and frustration that we had experienced the weekend before against Lusk, we could once again proceed with the rest of the weekend with a sense of normality.

1st XI: Roy Keating, Damien McMahon, John Smyth (c), Joey Watson, Ciarán Moloney, Stephen Gannon, Ross Byrne, Jason Maguire, Kevin Dudley, Justin Smyth and Ray Watson.

Subs: Keenan Byrne (K Dudley),  John Green (R Byrne), Conor Dunne (J Watson)

MOTM: Damien McMahon

Report by Ciarán Moloney who apologies for not submitting a report for last week's game against Lusk which was quite emotionally difficult to do so, given the circumstances.

Unidare Cup 1st Round, 20th October 2012

St Vincent's DFC 1 – 2 Donnycarney

On a previous visit to Cabra in a league encounter last month, the Donnycarney youths impressed but could not convert their chunk of possession into goals as they went down to a 3-0 defeat. However on this occasion, the visitors not only progressed onto the 2nd round of the Unidare Cup at our expense, they humbled us with a fine display of football with their #10 scoring two fantastic long range goals which fittingly complimented their dominance of the game from start to finish.

The tedious cliché states “the midfield battle is where the game is won or lost” and this rang true last Saturday afternoon when unfortunately for us, we were surpassed by the work-rate and creativity of the four midfielders donning the maroon colours of the Donnycarney kit whose performances ultimately shaped the outcome of this game.

Continuing to be sidelined with an achilles injury, player/manager Stuart Foy would have been pleased to see us race into a one nil lead after a well worked set piece that deceived both their wall and their keeper saw Jason Maguire claim his 3rd goal of the season. However Donnycarney rallied back strongly, putting us on the back foot. Their defensive linchpin in #5, was pivotal to their game plan when in possession, always seemingly available to receive the ball when his midfield were put under pressure. He may not have appeared to be the most athletic of defenders, but much to his credit he had great awareness and a great range of passes. So often his instigating long cross field passes found his man, testing our defensive shape as we hurriedly shift from one side to the other. Given that that his performance during Donnycarney's previous visit had not escaped our radar, we should not have afforded him as much space and time on the ball that he had enjoyed.

Having found ourselves on the ropes, our attacks were deployed in the form of counter attacks with John Smith and Jason Maguire using their speed to launch crosses into their box. However after a quick throw, we got caught out in possession and the ball was quickly seized upon by their midfield who instantly fed their waiting striker. The hitman wandered unchallenged from just inside our half, before cutting in and letting fly from 25 yards. Goalkeeper Donal Lowry, who was deputising for the absent Roy Keating, could do nothing as he watched the ball scream into the top corner.

With smoke coming out of his ears, Stuart Foy's half time talk was brutally honest, trampling on egos as he demanded far much more than had been given. Outraged at the timidity of our performance, he sent the boys back onto the pitch with strict orders to roll up their sleeves and battle for every breaking ball that the visitors had won with ease in the 1st half. The second half saw a very encouraging start and we really should have found ourselves in front for the second time in the match after a terrific run by John Smith who sent in a glorious low cross into his brother, Justin, but with only the keeper to beat the little brother could only balloon his effort over the crossbar. It was a missed opportunity which we would desperately rue as Donnycarney responded by taking the game by the scruff of the neck once again as they looked threatening going forward. Although we repelled the constant waves of attack with defensive grit and good saves from Donal, we looked toothless going forward. It was irrelevant that their keeper was actually an outfield player drafted to play in goals, for we never really tested him.

With the defence being overworked, fatigue was quickly creeping in. It perhaps played a factor in Donnycarney's second goal when once again their #10 received the ball and the sharpshooter quickly turned unchallenged and from 25 yards out blasted the ball into the top corner past a hapless Donal Lowry. Clearly the striker had brought his shooting boots with him to Cabra but questions were asked why he was again afforded a shot without pressure.

With time running out, Joey Watson switched positions with Damien McMahon and the Waterford native came close to dragging St Vincent's back into the game, receiving the ball deep in his half before beating several players en-route to the opposing goal-frame. Having cut in from an acute angle, he found the keeper the only obstacle left to beat but his strike could only crash against the crossbar as the ball bounced away to the safety of their full back. This was as good as it got as an underwhelming St Vincent's struggled to make their superior position in the league table show and the referee blew the final whistle not long afterwards.

Although the taste of defeat was bitter, the general view was we conceded that our performance on the day was second best to Donnycarney's and so it is with humility and grace that we wish them the very best of luck in the next round of the Unidare cup.

First XI: Donal Lowry, Conor Dunne, Shane Edgeworth, Joey Watson, Ciarán Moloney, John Smyth (c), Kevin Dudley, Keenan Byrne, Jason Maguire, Damien McMahon and Justin Smith.

Subs: Stephen Gannon (C. Moloney), Liam Moloney (K. Byrne)

MOTM: Joey Watson.
"He worked very hard. A lot of the players should have matched his work-rate last Saturday" - Stuart Foy

Report by Ciarán Moloney

AUL Div3a Sat, 13th October 2012

St Vincent's DFC 3 – 2 Quarryvale FC

Keenan Byrne
Jason Maguire
Damien McMahon

Cruising down the street with the sun out, guys turn their heads to enviously admire your glistening yellow Ferrari Enzo. You pull up at the traffic lights alongside a car with three giggling blondes, bouncing boobs and thick luscious lips. They playfully suggest that you come to their party tonight and with  a teasing smile they promise you a night to remember. The traffic lights turn green. With a casual grin and a “see ya later”, you put your foot down on the gas, accelerating as the motor responds with all it's finesse. Zipping through the traffic, you feel untouchable. You are in full control. You are simply on top of the world.

Fast forward to 45 minutes later, you wake up confused. The invincible yellow beast you were driving is quivering on the edge of the cliff. The sun has been replaced by pellets of rain. Your brain clamours to regain normality and to make sense of the situation. With bewilderment and shock, you realise you fell asleep at the wheel some time ago. You get out of the car and the rain dances on you, assuring you that you are alive and this is not a dream. Panic overcomes you as you worry you may have knocked someone down. You quickly scan the body of the car and there is not a single scratch on her. She is completely unscathed. You look around and all is calm. You step forward to the edge of the cliff and peek down. A horrifying 100 foot drop greets you! You retreat quickly and fall to the ground. Worse case scenarios are racing through your mind! But horror is quickly replaced by gleeful relief- You are alive! Not only are you alive, against all odds no ill came of your blunder of falling asleep at the wheel. You let out a scream. A scream of relief, a scream of euphoria. You have evaded the desperate grasps of disaster. You are alive!

In the dressing room after your ride, a hangover kicks in. The worse case scenarios are being replayed over and over in your head, each outcome more gruesome than the last. You look around. The mood is not celebratory. Your team mates look the same way you feel. You have emerged victorious but know deep down that the three points should have been secured long before your ride was briefly paused at the red traffic light. You know you should have made three points safe long before you allowed yourself to fantasise about the taste of victory, the taste of these fully loaded lips of the three blonde babes who flirted with you at half time.

But you look around again. Your manager is shuffling around the dressing room, collecting 16 yellow Ferraris and stuffing them into the kitbag to be washed. As he picks up the last one, your enthusiasm for this beautiful game revs defiantly as you catch a glimmer of the crest, slick with sweat and passion, it teasing you mercilessly with intense lust and desire as it retreats back into its garage with a promise. A promise to emerge next Saturday to have fun with you all over again. You feel excited. You feel inspired. And yet once again, you feel that next Saturday just can't come soon enough.

1st XI:
Roy Keating, John Smyth (c), Joey Watson, Shane Edgeworth, Ciarán Moloney, Ray Watson, Kevin Dudley, Jason Maguire, Pat Maher, Keenan Byrne & Damien McMahon

Subs: Justin Smith (K Byrne), Liam Moloney (McMahon), Liam Power (R. Watson)

MOTM: Jason Maguire

Plain version of match report:

First half went reasonably well. We were creating chances after chances. Keenan Byrne scored our first goal. However against the run of play, they scored an unlikely equaliser. We went on the attack again and amid a number of fluffed chances and good saves from their keeper, we were back in the lead again after Jason Maguire scored. We felt completely at ease at half time, confident that we would continue to dominate the way we had in the 1st half. And this looked to be the case when Damien McMahon finally scored after a series of saves and blocks from the Quarryvale rearguard. At 3-1 up, we continued to squander chance after chance. Then we fell asleep! Quarryvale scored a 2nd goal and inexplicably found us on the back foot after we had dominated the game for so long! We rode it out and the final whistle arrived. The management were deeply unhappy with our hapless performance after their 2nd goal but said the main thing was that we got the three points out of this game and we should look ahead to next Saturday.

Reports written by Ciarán Moloney

Collinstown 1 - 4 St Vincents DFC

Inspired by the recent success of the national Deaf team, St Vincent's DFC finally ended their hoodoo of failing to win an away league match since November 2011 with a resounding 4-1 victory over Collinstown, courtesy of goals from Keenan Byrne, Pat Maher, Joey Watson and Ross Byrne.

Having badly aggravated a long standing Achilles injury in the memorable defeat of the Germans, player-manager Stuart Foy was confined to the sidelines thus presenting Shane Edgeworth an opportunity to stake his claim for a starting place in the right back position with captain John Smith moving inside to occupy the vacant centre back position alongside Joe Watson.

Upon kick off, St Vincent's looked to dictate the the pace of the game with the defence and midfield retaining the ball with confidence. Collinstown for their part were decent on the ball themselves but they did not really threaten to penetrate our regard. However it was evident that they looked to maximize their physical superiority in breaking balls, never shrinking in their challenges. However much to the credit of our young midfielders, they did not let themselves be intimidated and were not found hiding when challenges had to be made. It wasn't before long sparks flew; Ross Byrne found himself being the recipient of a lashing out from Collinstown's captain after both men had challenged for the ball. Disappointingly the referee choose the lenient approach, opting to produce the yellow card when the incident was deserving of a harsher punishment. Much to Ross's credit, he remained calm throughout the incident.

The first goal did not arrive before long. After Kevin Dudley was fouled on the ball near the halfway line, Joe Watson was quick to send a long ball into the opposition's penalty box and with a quick flick of the head, striker Pat Maher managed to catch the onrushing keeper out in no man's land as the ball dropped beyond his reach and bounced towards the goalframe to see Keenan Byrne racing in to break the deadlock by converting the gilt edged opportunity.

Having steadied our nerves, we tried to stretch their shape as much as possible by making good use of the ball. However before we could be rewarded with a second goal, the half time whistle disrupted our momentum. The half time break allowed the opportunity for Stuart Foy to make a tactical substitution bringing on bruiser Damien McMahon for Keenan Byrne to counteract the aforementioned physical approach that Collinstown had employed.

In the second half we picked up from where we left off, with Pat Maher getting on the score sheet after some fantastic trickery and pace shown by our tireless winger, Ray Watson who true to form was giving his marker a miserable time. With Collinstown getting more frustrated, the yellow card was being pulled out of the referee's pocket with increasing regularity for some over zealous tackles. Our friend, the Collinstown captain, was finally given his marching orders after he collected his second caution of the day after a meaty tackle which was mis-timed. With a one man advantage, we started to boss the game and pushed forward for a third goal to put the game beyond reach. Joe Watson obliged with a mazy run which a quick one-two was played with the magnificent Jason Maguire who sent Joe free of the Collinstown defence and the ex Irish Junior international could not miss, rifling the ball into the bottom corner.

With 15 minutes left, Ross Byrne who had put in his best shift so far this season put the icing on the cake. Ross who has had to be content with playing on the wing this season, showed some fine skill on the ball which was epitomised by his goal. After he broke free on the counter attack, the Tallafornian looked up to see the keeper coming off his line and from 25 yards he kept a cool head to chip the keeper from an angle. The celebration of the goal was tempered by a hamstring injury he picked up in the process and he had to be substituted immediately.

With less than ten minutes remaining, the boys were guilty of taking their foot off the gas and our lapse in concentration was punished as Collinstown netted a late consolation goal. They almost added a second as we failed to close down one of their midfielders who went on a mazy run but he found his equal in Roy Keating who was too much of an obstacle to overcome. Overall it was a good performance by the boys and it is instrumental that they build on it if they want to be in a shout for promotion come the end of the season.

First XI: Roy Keating, Shane Edgeworth, Joe Watson, John Smith(c), Ciarán Moloney, Ross Byrne, Jason Maguire, Kevin Dudley, Ray Watson, Pat Maher and Keenan Byrne.
Subs: Damien McMahon (K.Byrne), Ross Byrne (Justin Smith) and Conor Dunne (Shane Edgeworth)

MOTM: Ross Byrne
Stuart Foy: "Jason ran Ross close for the MOTM award but I was delighted with Ross's performance today; he impressed me with his defensive work-rate and he showed some excellent skill on the ball. His goal was beautifully taken."

Report written by Ciarán Moloney

An embarrassing performance saw St Vincent's succumb to their second successive defeat at the hands of Pinebrook Celtic who grabbed a last gasp winner to compound the misery of our shambolic display.

With goalkeeper Stephen Gannon handed a rare start in the absence of the highly rated Roy Keating who had to train with the national Deaf team, the youngster was badly exposed by his outfield team-mates who failed to provide the necessary extra security knowing full well that their young net minder was short of both confidence and experience.

Striker Justin Smith got us off to an ideal start after successfully converting a chance that fell to him However we failed to build on this as we gave away a soft goal when a calamitous defensive error gifted their midfielder the ball and he was only too happy to stride forward without pressure before sending a 25 yard strike high and down the middle. It looked to be a comfortable save but the young keeper didn't react quickly enough and found himself picking the ball out of the net. Players were quick to point the finger but no-one was as quick to claim responsibility for failing to close down their midfielder.

We were awarded a penalty not too long afterwards but Pat Maher could only strike it against the crossbar. It felt like one of these days when things weren't going to go our way and it certainly turned out like that.

In the second half, while we improved a little bit defensively, there wasn't much change in respect of our attacking play. Despite our chances, we were still firing blanks. The amount of times we carved the Pinebrook defence open only to see the attempt on goal go awry or hit the crossbar was enough to make a grown man cry with despair.

Pinebrook made it 2-1 about ten minutes into the second half after some good work by their left winger. St Vincent's conjured up an instant reply and found themselves back on level terms after Justin Smith notched his second goal of the match with a quick free-kick played into his feet and he turned his defender to roll ball into bottom corner.

With the two sides throwing caution to the wind, St Vincents went on the attack but got caught out in possession and conceded a free kick, which was quickly taken by their defender which seen their striker slip through offside trap to lob the keeper. They should have added a fourth seconds later after Gannon failed to gather a high ball properly but much to our surprise (and relief), the ref disallowed the seemingly legitimate goal for reasons unknown to us.

Minutes later we conjured up an equalising goal which was probably the only positive aspect of our performance. Joey Watson went on a run from the heart of defence before exchanging passes with Ross Byrne who sent in a magnificent through ball with his first touch to find Joey who had beaten the offside trap to round the keeper to make it 3-3. It was truly a magnificent goal.

True to form, this was all undone when in the dying minutes of the game, the defence failed to deal with a long freekick and their striker nipped in to round the onrushing Gannon to put Pinebrook in front for the fourth successive time in the game. Again the fingers of blame came out but ultimately the ball should have never been allowed to enter the penalty box.

In the dying kicks of the game, we created yet another goalscoring chance but the crossbar was once again cursed as the ball bounced off it. The all too familiar excuses and cries of astonishment of losing to a side that were deemed poorer than us were wheeled out in the post match analysis but offering excuses for every defeat we will suffer this season will not earn us the promotion we so badly yearn for come the end of the season.

1st XI: S Gannon, L Power, J Watson, John Smyth (c), C Moloney, P Maher, R Byrne, K Byrne, J Maguire, S Edgeworth & Justin Smyth.

Subs: L Moloney (S Edgeworth), S Keogh and D Lowry

Man of the Match: Pat Maher

The boys received a wake up call from Finglas Celtic who maintained their unbeaten run with a slim victory over St Vincent's DFC who cursed their luck at the final whistle but ultimately they shot themselves in the foot by leaving their scoring boots behind before making the trip to Finglas.

Bemoaning their luck, the boys trudged off the pitch with a sense that they had lost three points to a side that weren't necessarily better than them. However it must be said that the boys from Finglas were more in tune whereas the overall performance of Stuart Foy's lads was disjointed and had been lacking fluidity in their play.

The first opening 15minutes looked promising as the boys passed the ball well and looked threatening when going forward. It wasn't long before a glorious chance to get the boys off to a great start fell upon Keenan Byrne after he broke free of the defence and found himself faced with an onrushing keeper. However the Tallafornian squandered his chance as he opted for an elaborate lob over the keeper but could only watch on as the ball sailed over the crossbar. It proved to be a monumental point in the game as the encouraging start we had enjoyed previously suddenly went into arrest and we would prove to fail to revive it for the remainder of the game.

Having withstood the pressure of our promising start, Finglas Celtic found themselves one up with their fist chance after they capitalised on a lapse of communication between the St Vincent's rearguard, whipping in a dangerous free-kick which found an unmarked winger who fired it past a helpless Roy Keating. They almost doubled their lead within a matter of minutes after a quick long ball on the counter-attack found their winger who had accelerated away from Ciarán Moloney to round the onrushing Roy Keating but saw his effort headed away from off the line by Moloney who had recovered to make amends for being outpaced.

The two chances were ultimately the sum of their efforts on our goal frame as we scrapped to find an equaliser despite not firing on all cylinders. We went into the half time break and rightly received a stern talking to from coach Geoff Foy. However his words were not as well received as they had been last week and there was no marked improvement in our performance in the second half.

Not taking anything away from Finglas Celtic who were a hard working side, we managed to create chances despite performing below par. We were made to rue our lack of finishing as Keenan Byrne was once again presented with a goalscoring opportunity but despite the keeper diving the wrong way, the shot was deflected over the bar by the net minder's toe which he had flung out in desperate hope. Minutes later, the keeper flapped at corner and the madness of a goalmouth scramble ensued but we just couldn't put the ball into the back of the net.

In the last twenty minutes of the game, Joey Watson was reassigned from defender to striker as we piled on the pressure to get that equaliser but we failed to provide any meaningful service in the final third to maximise our chances. However in the dying minutes of the game, Joey Watson broke free of the defence and looked set to score when he decided to square it to Pat Maher who from all three yards could only put it into the side netting when it looked easier to score. The chance summed up our overall performance and the one goal lead which had lived a charmed life was enough to give Finglas Celtic all three points at the final whistle.

1st XI: R Keating, John Smyth (c), J Watson, S Foy, C Moloney, R Watson, R Byrne, P Maher, J Maguire, K Byrne & S Keogh.
Subs: S Edgeworth (S Keogh), L Moloney (J Maguire)

MOM: S Foy (not self nominated)

Geoff Foy "It goes to show how poor the performance of the boys were when a 42 year old man who was only 60% fit was the only player that did himself justice. Players need to look at themselves and give more than what they gave on Saturday because it simply wasn't good enough"

St Vincent's DFC 3-0 Donnycarney FC


After the recent disappointment of narrowly missing out on a squad place in the Irish Deaf team for their upcoming important Deaflympic qualifying fixture against Germany, winger Jason Maguire had a point to prove and that he certainly did with vigour as the youngster put in a man of the match display, having had a hand in all three goals to help his team overcome a youthful Donnycarney side as they earned themselves the maximum points available.

Dappling in the glorious afternoon sun, the pitch looked pristine as the two sides took to it, one hoping to build on their recent win versus Newlands Celtic while the other was looking to get their first points of the new season on board.

As the two sides wrestled for superiority from the onset, it was evident as early as the first minute that the majority of the graduates from the Donnycarney u18 side last season were a credit to their coaches as their ball retention superseded the standards of a typical Div3a side, posing questions of our shape and fitness as we were made to toil under the unforgiving rays of the sun for large parts of the first half. Unfortunately for Donnycarney, they failed to make their dominance count and the scoreline remained intact going into half time.

In the half-time talk, 42 year old player manager Stuart Foy along with his right hand man and brother Geoff rallied their troops to improve in the second half, urging them to keep their heads and be patient in their play. Geoff called for us to do what Donnycarney had done to us for the majority of the 1st half, keep the ball better and sap their energy.

As play restarted, it was clear that the boys had heeded Geoff's instructions. Although the pace of Donnycarney's attack posed some danger, they failed to penetrate the solid defensive unit which was marshalled superbly by one-time Irish junior international and ex Waterford United starlet, Joe Watson and his partner Stuart Foy who still continues to defy age, churning out vintage performances that have merited selection for the national Deaf team for their upcoming fixture against Germany in two weeks time.

With the boys enjoying better ball retention, it wasn't before long the deadlock was broken following a poor clearance from their keeper which was swiftly punished within 2 passes as Jason Maguire latched onto Ray Watson's pass to send the ball into the bottom corner.

Although keeper Roy Keating was never really troubled at all for the entire duration of the game, Donnycarney certainly didn't lie down and let us dominate the game. However they found themselves with a mountain to climb fifteen minutes later when after some excellent work by our industrial winger Ray Watson, Jason Maguire was able to cut the ball back to set up Damien McMahon who converted his chance to give us some breathing space with a valuable 2 goal cushion.

With Donnycarney chasing the game, a third goal soon followed after a ball over the top found Jason Maguire who simply sent the ball past the onrushing keeper before rounding him but Pat Maher applied the finishing touch just to make sure of a third goal, condemning the Donnycarney boys to their third consecutive defeat. It probably did appear harsh on the visitors given that they enjoyed their fair share of possession but they failed to convert it into goals as the lack of cutting edge in the final third proved evident. It was a good disciplined performance for St Vincent's DFC and we took great heart from a hard earned win.

1st XI: R Keating, J Smyth (c), S Foy, J Watson, C Moloney, R Watson, K Byrne, P Maher, J Maguire, D McMahon and S Edgeworth

Subs: Ju Smith for S Edgeworth

Man of the Match: Jason Maguire

Report written by Ciarán Moloney